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Entrepreneurship program to support start ups

Locals interested in getting their own business off the ground are being encouraged to take advantage of free sessions with an Entrepreneurship Facilitator offering services in Maryborough.

There are 23 Entrepreneurship Facilitators around the country who help people start a new business and create their own job for free thanks to funding from the Australian Government.

Local facilitator Paul Miller has been helping start up businesses for 20 years and said Maryborough is in a “good position” to support start ups.

“We provide advice, support, mentoring and networking opportunities for people interested in starting a business and help them get on their feet,” he said.

Get support starting your own business

“COVID was a bit of a wild card last year but surprisingly things didn’t really slow down, we still had a lot of interest from people.

“I was on the Committee for Maryborough board last year so I’ve been working locally.

“I think Maryborough is in a really good position right now because the committee is supportive of local businesses and very passionate about what they do.”

Through the Committee for Maryborough Dr Miller has connected with the Central Goldfields Shire and will be providing mentorship at council’s soon to be launched co-working space — a small office set up at the Maryborough Railway Station.

Central Goldfields Shire manager strategy and economic development Philip Schier said council is working to find ways to support new and existing local businesses.

“We’re looking at all the opportunities we can to help support start ups and small businesses,” he said.

“Our co-working space will be launched soon where people rent a space to use a desk and facilities but part of that project involves partnering with Committee for Maryborough which has offered some volunteer mentoring from their members who are experienced business people.

“We’re hoping to get some of tha professional mentoring from peopl like Paul and similar services, that’ what we’re hoping to see grow.”

Entrepreneurship Facilitator cover planning, managing and building financial independence a well as learning about ABNs, GST market research, strategic direction and networking

As well as the Central Goldfields Dr Miller also provides services t the Pyrenees, Hepburn and Moorabool shires.

To book an appointment contact Paul Miller on 0419 575 562 or millerp@sarinarusso.com.au.

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Source: The Maryborough District Advertiser