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Creating networking opportunities

Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Dr Paul Miller, has been helping one local entrepreneur to connect one Australian business to international markets through creating networking opportunities.

Founded in November 2020, UNYCAL is an Australian start-up that started in Ballarat, regional Victoria.  “We are a digital collaboration platform, and our vision is to become an online marketplace to sell ideas and services.  We are taking the physical world of networking and putting it online, where businesses especially regional businesses, are connected with mutual interests with customers, suppliers and partners in different markets, to drive value and growth.” said Arnab Dasgupta, Founder at UNYCAL. 

Positive Customer Impact from regional Victoria

UNYCAL is enabling businesses in regional Victoria to connect to global markets and unlocking opportunities for growth, as well as drastically reducing the time to market and collaborate for products and services.  Through Paul’s networks, Bounce Australia recently benefitted from UNYCAL’s digital collaboration platform by engaging with a leading IT company based in India, with headquarters in USA.  UNYCAL is enabling Bounce Australia with opportunities to expand in the Indian market from regional Victoria. 

“Working with UNYCAL has been a great experience. Having the opportunity to connect with a company in India and then swiftly move into action around collaborating on projects has been fantastic. This is something that would have taken years to develop, we did it within 8 weeks,” said Maria Smith, CEO and Founder, Bounce Australia, from Maryborough, Victoria.

The Indian firm involved stated:

“Collaborating and partnering with an Australian firm from India, with our team working from home, and that too in 3 meetings, was only possible because of UNYCAL. I cannot think of any other organisation who does that with the same agility and outcome. UNYCAL has opened new doors and opportunities for our business, in a timeframe that cannot be matched.” Debasis Ghosh, CEO DCC India Pvt Ltd.”

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UNYCAL drives outcomes for regional businesses.

UNYCAL’s mission is to help businesses collaborate to thrive, grow, scale, and build communities digitally by connecting regional businesses with global markets, for businesses, to:

  • Sell ideas and services globally and locally.
  • Collaborate with businesses and customers in different markets.
  • Unlock opportunities by harnessing networks.
  • Scaling businesses with connected outcomes for clients and partners. 

“The real outcome happens when businesses join hands in different markets and talk to each other.  And the conversations that come out of those discussions, transcend the real opportunities for scaling businesses. We aim to achieve just that with our digital platform.” said Arnab Dasgupta, Founder at UNYCAL.


To sign up for UNYCAL’s Digital Collaboration Platform:


For more information, (press only), please contact:

Arnab Dasgupta

Mobile: 0469029387 | Email: arnab.dasgupta@unycal.com


If you need tailored mentoring and support to start up or run your business, call Paul Miller at (+61) 0419 575 562.


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