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Dennis tastes small business success

Ballarat’s Dennis Dwyer founded his company Everyday Café in August last year, selling slices, cheesecakes, biscuits, cupcakes, coffee and the like from his food van in Miners Rest. Paul Miller spoke to the 56 year-old about why he started the business, the challenges he has faced, and his thoughts on embarking on a new venture later in life.

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Have you ever run a business before?

No. I didn’t know how it was going to go. I was unemployed and decided to do something for myself, I made some slices and put them up on Facebook. They got some positive comments and it sort of grew from there. I have been surprised how quickly my business has grown. Being older has been an advantage, as I have a lot of experience and knowledge and I am more focused. And I think I have good people skills too.

What makes a business like yours successful?

I am in this for the long-term, so I believe in delivering a great product as an affordable price. It’s all homemade, I use high quality fresh ingredients, everything is made to order and I work hard. When you’re working for someone you just cook and then go home. Working for myself, I have source ingredients, take orders, cook, do marketing and of course the bookkeeping. I have lots of ideas for where I want to take my business.

Where did you go for advice and support?

I approached the City of Ballarat to get some advice and they pointed me to Paul Miller and new service called the Entrepreneurship Facilitator program. He has provided ongoing advise and support, from registering my business name, doing a cash flow and even sorting out a lease. It has been good bouncing my ideas off him.

Paul Miller is a start-up specialist and Entrepreneurship Facilitator for the Central Highlands region. Entrepreneurship Facilitators are funded by the Australian government and provide free support to anyone looking at starting a business. For more information email MillerP@sarinarusso.com.au

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