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Ella Maps the Way to Harmonious Storytelling With Purpose

Telling amazing stories, with a deeper purpose, through the art of cinematic film, video, photography and events is at the heart of Ella Gibbins’ business ‘the Atlas of Consciousness’.

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Ella decided to start her own business after having an awakening experience and moving through the mental illness psychosis. She was determined to build a blueprint for harmonious storytelling to allow people to ‘see ourselves and our world in a new way’.

“I have always had a desire to bring to life unique and extraordinary projects bearing highly emotional and visually striking subjects. 

“My company believes the solution to our world’s largest issues – poverty, climate change – all start from within, so to transform our outer world we first must transform our inner world,” she said.

Ella’s film for Down Syndrome Australia ‘A Man with A Voice’ recently screened at the United Nations and starred Gerard O’Dwyer a beautiful actor and advocate for people with Down Syndrome.

Currently working with ‘Conscious and New Movement’ leaders, Ella is sharing their stories highlighting how emotions have the power to ripple out and impact our world and the world of those around us.

Ella continues to go from strength to strength working with artists such as Rufus du Sol, Vera Blue and Taylor Henderson earning her Gold and Silver Australian Cinematographers Society awards as well as being nominated for an ARIA Award for her work with Baker Boy.

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Mentor, Maria Porcaro, said Ella’s vision and passion for making a greater impact is infectious and inspirational.  “I have no doubt she will go on to achieve great thing,” Maria said.

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