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Silversmith Course Leads to Online Jewellery Business

We love these heartfelt words from Sarina Russo Entrepreneur graduate, Megan Kathleen.

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“I was a beauty therapist with 3 young children. I decided to give up my career and become a full time mum for the next 15 years. Fast forward I found myself not only with grown children, but also divorced and thought what the heck am I going to do? What is my purpose now, as a women in my 40s?,” she said.

Megan then decided to do a silversmithing course and loved it. She then decided to start her own business but needed help with the fundamentals to make it a success.

Megan said she was told about the NEIS program and decided to apply.

“To my surprise I was asked to come in for an interview at Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs and was accepted into the program on the spot! I was so happy, but nervous at the same time.

“It was the best opportunity I could have been given and I will forever be grateful to NEIS, my teacher Sally and my mentor Emily for believing in me and teaching me how to run a business and to better myself.

“I am now a full-time silversmith, with a successful online business: www.megankathleenjewellery.com.au.

“It’s taken a little time to get branding and packaging done. But here I am, open for business,” Megan said

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