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Evelyn’s Human Resources Advisory Cracks a Niche Market

WITH more than three decades of high-level human resource management atop of her resume, Evelyn Pollard understandably believed she was adept at assisting employers with meeting their legislative obligations that is aligned to a positive workplace culture.

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As a human resource specialist with an impressive career history spanning across a diverse portfolio behind her, Evelyn believed she was well-versed in business management when she took the plunge into self-employment and launched her own business.

“With a passion for assisting businesses in all areas of human resource management, including proactively addressing performance management and workplace conduct/behaviour, I was encouraged to explore taking my profession out into the world of consulting, however I had no idea how to go about making it happen,” Evelyn said.

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That was until October 2018, when she commenced the New Business Assistance with NEIS program under the mentoring of Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Hilton Business Solutions Coach Peter Ollerenshaw. 

“I came across the Sarina Russo’s advertisement for the NEIS program on Facebook and after some conversations with Peter and Mel Richards, I started to believe that I could start my own consulting business and that I had a niche service and expertise that was missing for many businesses.

“It was when I made the decision to start the NEIS program and officially commence Evelyn Pollard Consulting, that I realised the enormity of running a successful, small business.

“There is a perception that having your own business is easy!

“However the transition from employee to business owner is not always smooth sailing and it is not until you start your business, that all the little things that you do not consider at the beginning start to crop up. 

“While I had management experience behind me, it was not until I reflected back on the early days, that the concept of business ownership was all really foreign to me, often confusing and at times very confronting.”

But with Peter’s measured mentoring, constant reassurance and “tough love” on call, Evelyn pressed ahead with her passion and now Evelyn Pollard Consulting is a reality and going tremendously well.

“Peter was really great to work with. He brought me down to earth by taking all the pie-in-the-sky stuff out of it and making it really simple, straight-forward and practical,” Evelyn said.

“NEIS assisted me with creating and consolidating my Avatar moment and Peter helped harness my big dreams and make them real.”

Evelyn Pollard Consulting is a one-stop shop for all things human resources, with the service providing specialist knowledge and experience – an affordable alternative for small business owners who are not big enough to require a full-time HR staff member but still require excellent advice.

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