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" Daniel's Photographic Success "

LESS than a year ago Daniel Durkin was unemployed and had “very few prospects for the future”. Now everything has changed. The former delivery driver was making extra cash by entering up to 40 competitions a day to have a chance at winning grand prizes. He was 31 years old and had no idea what he was going to do for the rest of his life.


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One of his mates suggested that as Mr Durkin liked photography he should “buy a camera”. He started with photos of his cat “but you can take only so many”.

Then he took photos of landscapes, but that also was getting him nowhere. A chance snap of a jetski rider changed everything.


“I saw these jetski riders doing aerial moves and started shooting, one came over and said his friend wanted to buy my shots off me,” Mr Durkin said.

“I realised there could be money in this as people wanted the service.


“I started shooting more jetski riders, then wakeboarding and surfing.”


Now Mr Durkin has achieved a Certificate IV in business and small management and is securing a business mentor with the Sarina Russo training company under the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme program. After only a few months, he is breaking into the highly competitive world of extreme sports photography.


Mr Durkin hopes to attract major sponsors and endorsements to help him get closer to the action for the best photos possible.

To view his images, go to Daniel Durkin Images on Facebook.


Source: Sunshine Coast Daily