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Elevate your thinking, as you prepare for the unknown –

New Business Assistance with NEIS, training now delivered online

Learn how to create a business plan, develop financial forecasts and foster a professional network.

You’ll also receive one-on-one personal mentoring from Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs business trainers – all at no cost. Read More . . .

Exploring Being My Own Boss

Gives participants a taste of entrepreneurship and self-employment. Workshops support those who have a business idea  but may not be ready to start a New Business Assistance with NEIS course. Read More . . .

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurship Facilitators

There’s never been a better time to reignite that business idea and flip your hobby into a career. Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs will deliver the Australian Government’s new ‘Entrepreneurship Facilitators Program’ in the Ballarat, Moorabool, Golden Plains, Central Goldfields, Hepburn and The Pyrenees regions. Read More . . .



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